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Eggplant Downloads

Keysight Eggplant products offer industry-leading AI-driven software test automation, active application monitoring, and robust performance and load testing tools to accelerate your product delivery and quality.


Eggplant Test Digital Automation Intelligence

Eggplant Test with Digital Automation Intelligence delivers AI-assisted model-based test automation.  Deliver at DevOps speed, test the full customer experience, test ANY technology, and predict quantified impact of new product versions on the user before each release.

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Eggplant Performance
Performance and Load Testing


Eggplant Performance provides sophisticated performance and load testing tools that can test the widest range of technology and can scale up to simulate any load you need, but are still easy-to-use.

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Eggplant Monitoring

Eggplant Monitoring provides active synthetic monitoring of your website or application. Active monitoring goes beyond simple uptime and response time metrics, ensuring your customers can complete their objectives  on your website or application. 

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Robotic Process Automation

Eggplant Test is the ideal tool for increasing productivity and reducing errors in highly repetitive process tasks.  

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Eggplant Functional

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Eggplant Manager

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Eggplant Automation Cloud

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Eggplant Integrations

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Mobile Gateways

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