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Eggplant Automation Cloud Downloads

Ensure your testers always have access to the systems under test (SUTs) they need and that test systems are always in a clean, known state.

NOTE: You must have a valid license key to use any Eggplant tool.

  • Automation Cloud 7.1

    Windows Ubuntu Red Hat MacOS

    Learn about and download the latest version of Automation Cloud.

    What's new?

    • System Preferences has been split into two pages: 1) System Diagnostics, where you can find information about your Eggplant Manager connections, and 2) System Preferences, where you can configure connections and other Eggplant Manager settings.
    • You can now specify the Licenser Host for Eggplant Functional from the Eggplant Manager UI.
    • Adds a certificate to Windows installers.

    Release Notes

    Installation Guide





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