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Eggplant Manager Bolt-On Accelerators

This page contains accelerators used to augment the capabilities of Eggplant Manager.


Eggplant Manager Bulk Importer

This accelerator allows you to upload multiple scripts to a test in Eggplant Manager. Given a test name and the relevant connection details, this can update the relevant test with info on all the scripts simultaneously.


Download Eggplant Manager Bulk Importer (Windows)

Download Eggplant Manager Bulk Importer (Linux)


Eggplant Manager - Parallel Test Execution Accelerator

This accelerator facilitates the running of Eggplant Manager tests on multiple SUTs and in particular monitors the condition of SUTs to load a test on it when it becomes free.

Download Parallel Tests Accelerator (Windows)

Download Parallel Tests Accelerator (Linux)

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